Ten fantastic places to visit in… Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, and with an abundance of character and culture, is well worth a visit.

Whether you are a local, there on holiday or just a day trip, here are ten things you can’t visit Glasgow without doing.

1. Gallery of Modern Art

This Gallery of Modern Art is Scotland’s most visited, and for a good reason. Its beautiful exterior stands out in the iconic central location the gallery holds in Glasgow, and its continuously changing exhibitions mean that each visit holds a new surprise. The gallery displays artists’ work from all around the world, from Sebastião Salgado to Andy Warhol – there’s something for everybody. With an interesting history to accompany it, Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art will provide a fun as well as cultural day out in the city.

2. Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace is situated in the city’s Botanic Gardens; featuring plants from all over the world, it’s perfect for those wanting a breath of fresh air and some beautiful natural scenery. The Palace also holds a rich history behind it, originally being built on the shores of Loch Long, it made its way to Glasgow in 1871; since then it has attracted many visitors, leaving them all awe struck at the architectural feat. As well as an exotic range of plants, the Palace is also home to some beautifully subtle artwork that adds to the charm of the place.

3. Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Sharmanka provides a truly unique experience for those brave enough to visit it. Its incredible displays of figures made of old scrap pieces of material and carvings are enough to leave anyone unsettled as they tell a tragic yet humorous tale of human struggles. The theatre provides a show with incredible choreography and haunting music – it is like no other theatre, and the experience will never leave you. In the past, the production has visited many cities, including Edinburgh, but its permanent residence remains in Glasgow, and is well worth a stop by while there.

4. Kelvingrove Art Gallery

This free-to-enter gallery holds significance as one of Europe’s greatest art collections, and upon visiting, you can see why. Organised between Life and Expression, the gallery holds pieces for everyone; from natural history to fine art including Monet and Renoir, the gallery even displays an authentic spitfire! The interior pieces are not the only works of art; the whole building’s architecture is spectacular, with a fantastic colour from the red sandstone used to build it.

4. Govanhill Baths

The Govanhill Baths holds a special place in the hearts of Glasgow’s locals; while their fight to keep the original baths open may have failed, the Community Trust was able to reopen the facility to hold fundraisers and special events and for it to be available for everyday use. The unusual interior and numerous events taking place there provide for a different experience each time; whether you are visiting to see a theatre production, poetry events or an art exhibition there really is no place like it.

6. The Riverside Museum

Glasgow’s award winning interactive transport museum gives you the opportunity to explore the different old ways of public transport that would have been around in Glasgow many years ago; there’s everything from prams to locomotives. The free entry museum has won many prestigious awards including the European Museum of the Year award in 2013. With interactive displays, the museum offers a day out for the whole family; providing an unforgettable experience as well as a bit of culture.

7. The People’s Palace

The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens in Glasgow

Located on Glasgow Green, the People’s Palace is home to a collection of objects, photographs, prints and film which give a unique view into how Glaswegians lived, worked and played in years gone by to the present day. Objects on display date from the Victorian age, up to the present day, and it regularly houses exhibitions. It’s also home to Billy Connolly’s famous banana boots!

8. The Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian, Scotland’s oldest museum, is recognised as one of the country’s most important cultural assets and is well worth a visit. The main features include displays relating to Roman Scotland, scientific instruments, coins, medals and much more, giving you more than just a small taste into completely fascinating times during not only Scottish history, but the world’s history. From Egyptian mummies to ancient shark fossils it is no wonder that the Museum is one of the world’s leading university museums.

9. Glasgow Film Theatre

The Glasgow Film Theatre has been thriving for over 40 years, providing cinema-lovers with a charming and unique film experience. The classy venue offers a warm welcome, and stands out from all other independent theatres around Glasgow, transporting you back in time with its vintage interior. Film displays range from cult classics, to lesser known Indie films, and with their wide range the Theatre makes sure there’s something for everyone.

10. City centre mural trail

Glasgow’s vibrant mural trail will lead you on a unique wander through the city, allowing you to explore the centre while also getting an insight into its past. The street art was commissioned in 2008 to bring about a more lively feel to some of the slightly derelict buildings; they now make up a trail of exciting and original masterpieces. For those looking for a tour of the city at their own pace, following the mural trail is a good place to start!