Sara Sheridan Gardens 2021 A copy

The Good Books, Sara Sheridan: ‘The trick is finding books that engage your brain. A good book is a brain workout’

Sara Sheridan on being inspired by Alasdair Gray, reading Wuthering Heights at just ten-years-old and why Lord Byron wasn't a 'romantic'.   The first book...
Andrew O'Hagan. Credit: Christina Jansen

The Good Books, Andrew O’Hagan: ‘When I was eight I discovered Peter Pan – and was thunderstruck’

The Booker Prize nominated author on becoming engrossed in the King James Bible as a child, why he always recommends The Strange Case of Dr...
Elisabeth Ingram Wallace.

Glencairn Glass: Read the runner up in this year’s crime short story competition

Elisabeth Ingram Wallace is the runner-up in this year's Glencairn Glass Crime Short Story Competition with The Strange Sheep of Greshornish. It's a sinister tale...
Doug Skelton.

The Good Books, Douglas Skelton: ‘Mystic River is masterful, I wish I could write like Dennis Lehane’

The Glasgow author on returning to the books he read as a youngster and the influence of Ed McBain on his writing.   The first...
Pauline Tait.

The Good Books, Pauline Tait: ‘Nancy Drew got me hooked on mysteries and the love of them has stayed with me’

Author Pauline Tait on the influence of American writer Nora Roberts in helping her believe she could write in two very different genres.   The...
Jenny Colgan.

The Good Books, Jenny Colgan: ‘When I was six my parents found me reading a Dr Spock baby book’

The best selling rom-com author on reading parenting books as a child, why she recommends people read Middlemarch and her favourite books of the year....