Scotland is ‘king’ of sustainable prawns

A FARM in Stirlingshire that rears king prawns is selling its crustacean direct to the public for the first time.

Balfron-based Great British Prawns, which opened last year, will harvest its warm water Litopenaeus vannamei each week and delivery them via courier to most parts of the UK – but not the Highlands and islands – in recyclable, insulated and collapsible parcels, without polystyrene.

The prawns are reared without antibiotics, pesticides or vaccines using the company’s recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), which recycles 99% of the water and prawn waste.

Most king prawns sold in the UK come frozen from farms in the Far East and Central America, travelling on average 6,000 miles.

Chairman and commercial director James McEuen said: “We’re really proud of our sustainable king prawns.

“Great British Prawns’ approach means that we are able to offer these with the highest welfare standards and with no antibiotics or air miles – delivered direct to households across the UK.

“By buying Great British Prawns, people across the UK are supporting a new and sustainable approach to seafood production.

“But, just as importantly, our prawns are hugely versatile and truly delicious.”

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