Halfway stage for Gaelic music project

MORE than 40,000 people have accessed resources about Gaelic songs connected to coasts and waters on Facebook and Youtube as the Cladaichean is Uisgeachan project reaches its halfway point.

Arts organisation Fèisean nan Gàidheal is putting together a collection of 52 songs to mark Scotland’s “Year of Coasts & Waters“.

As well as new recordings, the resources include archive versions of the songs, along with notes about their history and background, and photographs by Cailean Maclean.

Gaelic song expert Jo Macdonald is working with the charity to compile the list, which features performances by: Royal National Mod gold medallists Cristin Mackenzie, Ruairidh Cormack and Jenna Cumming; Trail West’s Ian Smith; and Eilidh Cormack, Ceitlin Lilidh and Ellen Macdonald from trio Sian.

Calum Alex Macmillian, development manager at Fèisean nan Gàidheal, said: “We’re now halfway through our Cladaichean is Uisgeachan project, with 26 songs, complete with new recordings of each one, links to archive recordings, the words, history, background information on the area from where the songs originate and a link to the Fèisean in those areas.

“We are so fortunate to be working with Jo MacDonald on this project, her knowledge and expertise has given us an invaluable new collection of Gaelic songs that will be an invaluable resource for singers and teachers.

“It has also been fantastic to hear the various singers who have been involved with this project and I hope that this will encourage them, and others, to be singing more.”

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