You can’t go wrong with this tasty croissant loaf

We’ve some tasty recipes for you this week, courtesy of Twelve Triangles.

Twelve Triangles have four bakeries in Edinburgh and is the brainchild of bakers Rachel Morgan and Emily Cuddeford.

They make and serve their signature cold-prove, slow-fermented sourdough loaves, legendary doughnuts and famed croissant loaves throughout their bakeries alongside homemade jams, custards and caramel sauces.

Emily said: ‘I started making this loaf at kitchen table when it first opened as a way to use up the leftover croissants from our shops and it very quickly became a staple we had to have on our menu at all times.

‘It is basically a fancy bread and butter pudding which is immensely comforting and you can add in whatever flavours you want and you can sub out the croissants for bread or whatever you have lying around, but this is my favourite version.’