Try this delicious recipe for slow-cooked ox cheeks

Anne and Jim Anderson, who run The Anderson restaurant and hotel in Fortrose on the Black Isle, have transformed it since taking it over.

The restaurant has evolved  under the ownership of the couple.

Ann said: ‘While the standard dishes are still the most popular, I like to try new things. It’s all about patience and getting people to try things and open their minds a little bit, but realising it’s not going to happen overnight.

‘At the moment what’s really fascinating me is to go back to the way people would have eaten here originally. So, for instance, I can make fish
sauces with rhubarb, with sorrel, with things that would have given you the flavour of a lemon when you didn’t have a lemon. I’m also really into curing and fermenting things right now. I think fermentation is the next big thing, whether that’s making real pickles, not just vinegar-ed pickles, fermented cabbages, cream cheese, drinks…

‘I also bring a lot of foraging into my cooking. I have two local women who go out and get mushrooms for me, great ones like hedgehog
mushrooms and some really unusual ones. There’s also this forager artist we work with – he has been bringing me some amazing stuff.’