It’s a long way..


to Murrayfield via Corbridge, and rather expensive when I’ve driven and seperately sent a horsebox with two staff to the point-to-point only for it to be called off at 11.30 because the ambulance couldn’t get round the inside of the course (was it 4WD I ask?).
I sympathise with the organisers but after the previous weekend when frankly they shouldn’t have been racing at all it just makes me want to stick to the racecourse and I am sure there are many other people thinking the same….
Luckily Mrs A was extremely kind and met me on the edge of Edinburgh with tickets for the Scotland v Ireland match and whilst initialy rather non-plussed by the amount of empty seats and Scotland’s poor play the game came alive in the second half and Scotland played some superb uplifting rugby only just failing to catch Ireland in the closing stages thanks largely to the latter’s heroic defending.
No racing until Saturday this week but a fine forecast so hopefully the flood water will eventually recede from my arable ground and we will be able to see if there is any of the (rather valuable) winter wheat left….

Ho Ho

I still find it a novelty to be able to actually do what we want with the horses and yesterday I had a particularly satisfying time working 10 of them on the grass gallops which were in fine shape, all seemed to work well and some of the young bumper horses are looking closer to a run.
Today Skipping Chapel and Commercial Express are heading down to the Tynedale point-to-point at Corbridge in Northumberland, both are due to be ridden by Kit, Lucy is booked to ride Minouchka in the Ladies Open, Commercial Express will only run if the ground has dried up a bit.
Aware that this blog is in danger of becoming dull I am working on some interesting new initiatives involving guest bloggers & a couple of new festival tipsters, much of the day-to-day news will be now be carried on the news section of the website.

Skipping Chapel

Skipping Chapel