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It would be difficult not to be inspired by Scotland’s landscapes and nature and growing up surrounded by this certainly left its mark on Rachel Devine. The entrepreneurial designer behind Tir Dhàimh (homeland in Gaelic), a new lifestyle brand is coming home to Scotland to launch her label and a range of scarves, candles andContinue Reading

Madeira for it

There’s something special about islands, isn’t there?  A unique feeling of solitude, a deeply ingrained sense of security and an exotic charm that only comes from being surrounded on all sides by the ocean. The island of Madeira is situated in the Atlantic, north-west of the Canary Islands and close enough to Africa to ensureContinue Reading

From Infiniti to beyond

You may recognise the name Infiniti, probably because it is emblazoned all over the four in a row F1 Constructors World Champions Red Bull, today Infiniti are still involved in F1, sponsoring the Renault team. Did you know that Sebastion Vettel was Director of Performance, and who wouldn’t want an F1 champion involved when itContinue Reading

North Berwick Law – a dog walker’s paradise

Blogger and Longdog lover Kerrie Lindo shares one of her favourite walks. If landownership were determined by footfall, then surely the dogs and I would own North Berwick Law by now.  I have been lucky enough to walk my dogs on the Law for seven years, and never seem to get bored with it (and neitherContinue Reading

Life with my Longdogs: Ravensheugh at Tyninghame

Blogger and Longdog lover Kerrie Lindo shares another of her favourite walks. By Kerrie Lindo There is nothing better than a long empty beach on a sunny day, especially if you have running dogs that can reach forty miles an hour in six strides.  I love to watch my dogs run, their heads down, tails flying, pawsContinue Reading