Rum distillery prepares to release summer liqueurs

PAUL and Jacine Rutasikwa, the husband-and-wife team behind Matugga Distillers in Livingston, are getting ready to launch a pair of rum liqueurs.

Their honey and lavender and raspberry and hibiscus flavours will go on sale next month.

They’ll join the navy strength, pot distilled and black spiced rums in the company’s Liv range, which was unveiled this week.

The Liv collection was due to be released in March, but Paul and Jacine switched to making hand sanitiser instead to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Rum production has now resumed at the distillery, which opened in 2018.

Paul said: “It’s been a roller coaster of a year for many of us.

“Getting our new range to this point, bottled and ready, has been a challenge but we’re proud to be able to unveil our innovative new collection.

“It’s a celebration of our love for craft rum, of Scotland’s nature, and the nation’s growing commitment to quality, local producers.”

He added: “Liv Rum is the next step in Matugga Distillers’ story – we wanted to create an accessible range of high quality rums that are of great value and showcase the diversity and flexibility of the spirit.”

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