School delivers 700 online lessons each week

STRATHALLAN SCHOOL is delivering 700 live online lessons each week to its pupils during the lockdowns.

Its “Strath Worldwide” remote learning facilities will have be used to conduct more than 7,000 lessons by the end of the independent school’s summer term.

Other online activities have included one-to-one tutorials, sports and training sessions, music lessons, ensemble rehearsals, social activities and house challenges.

Attendance at online lessons has sat at between 95% and 100%, with some pupils absent for music tutorials and other activities.

Parents have described the virtual classroom as “exceptional” and “absolutely first class”, while pupils have said “it’s the exact same as sitting in a classroom” and “it’s nice to see so much effort being put into still carry on my education, even in this tough time”.

Headmaster Mark Lauder said: “The recent imperative to deliver online learning for all pupils, whether they are based overseas or not, acted as a catalyst to expand our capacity to deliver our pupils an outstanding education wherever they are in the world.

“By reimagining what a school can do both in the physical setting as well as the virtual one, and the blended learning this will bring in future, we can continue to reap the benefits to our pupils for years to come.”

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