REVIEW: Eteaket Tea

Drinks blogger James Robertson pours himself a cup of Eteaket tea.

I AM a self-confessed tea junkie and have been lucky enough to have visited the tea plantations in Dayuling, Taiwan, and both China’s Wuyi Mountains in Fujian and Heng Mountain in Hunan. So when Eteaket, the leaf tea company based in Edinburgh, sent me one of its new bespoke “Tea in Mind” blends, I was a little sceptical. Why would you add extra items to Oolong tea when it is already such a refreshing way to jump start the day? Having travelled extensively in both China and Taiwan, I always drink Oolong or Green Tea first thing in the morning. Its an uplifting cuppa.

Anyway, I was intrigued to discover more. Eteaket has launched a range of what it is calling “Tea in Mind” blends. The company has a partnership with Health in Mind, a charity that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in Scotland. Ten per cent of the tea sales will be donated to the charity.

Erica Moore, managing director of Eteaket, said: “I’m excited that Eteaket is continuing our partnership with Health In Mind and really pleased personally to have joined the board of trustees. I have a lot to learn but the vision is so closely aligned with my own business, that I’m looking forward to being more involved in the important work they do promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.”

There are five bespoke tea blends

  • The Focused Mind (black tea) – To aid focus and vitality;
  • The Contented Mind (Oolong tea) – To unwind and uplift;
  • The Sleepy Mind (herbal infusion) – To cleanse and calm;
  • The Balanced Mind (white tea) – To stay alert and relaxed;
  • The Energised Mind (green tea) – To boost and energise.

I tried ‘The Contented Mind”, which is a blend of Oolong and Green Tea with coconut, pineapple, lime, and Goji berries. It was surprisingly uplifting and had a lovely balance of citrus, tropical fruit, and the herbal notes from the Oolong and Green Tea.

As they say at eteaket:

Pause – Take a moment to pause with Eteaket tea;

Rebalance – Follow the suggested tea routine while your tea is brewing to rebalance;

Thrive – Thrive in your day. Create powerful, lasting change.

With everything that has been thrown at us all recently, it seems like a sensible move.

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