Still Gin launches in time for Mother’s Day

After the hugely successful launch of Jack & Victor whisky last year, Scottish comedy icons Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill are expanding their offering with a brand-new tipple.

Launching this week, Still Gin, was born from an abundance of fan requests for something ‘filtered through the heather’.

Launching in time for Mother’s Day, there will be digital posters going up across Scotland, as well as adverts on the Glasgow Subway and Edinburgh buses all with the cheeky message ‘for Yer Maw’.

Jack and Victor have also penned a poem which fans can read on the website when they go to purchase a bottle:

‘We hope a sip
from glass to lip
will keep ye hale and hearty
with Jack & Victors fine “Still Gin”
Come join the Craiglang party!’

Fans of Jack and Victor who have signed up to the mailing list at www.jackandvictor.com before midnight on 23 February will be sent a secret password to get early access to pick up a bottle before the gin goes on general sale on 28 February.

Still Game co-creators, Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, pose with their brand-new product, ‘Still Gin’

With tasting notes of cherry blossom, juniper berries, pink grapefruit, orange and most importantly, heather flowers – giving it a truly ‘filtered through the heather’ taste – it’s sure to be a hit with lovers of the show, and gin alike. Alongside the gin itself, fans will be able to pick up Still Gin branded crystal goblets.

Jack and Victor whisky fans will also be keen to hear that the blended Scotch will soon be available to buy in bars. Any pubs that want a bottle on their gantry should email hello@jackandvictor.com.

Still Gin and Still Game co-creator Ford Kiernan, commented: ‘The amount of people who kept shouting “filtered through the heather” at us since we launched the whisky was doing my head in, so now their calls have been answered, and it’s a good drop. It’s exactly the kind of thing Jack’s daughter Fiona would have bought her maw for Mother’s Day which is just round the corner, so if you fancy getting a bottle for your own maw, you better be quick!’

Fellow co-creator, Greg Hemphill, added: ‘Victor’s wife Betty was fond of a wee G’n’T so we’re sure she’d have been a fan of our new Still Gin. The fancy goblet glasses are great too, thank goodness they’re not serving them in The Clansman or I reckon the Craiglang Young Team would have had them swiped in no time.’

Jack and Victor Still Gin is on sale exclusively at www.jackandvictor.com. The 70cl bottle is priced at £35 per bottle and comes in at 37.5% ABV. The liquid is distilled and bottled by McQueens Gin, Callander.