Whisky expert shares his top tips for investing

Whisky has been revealed as the most profitable luxury item to invest in, according to new research. Here, House of Bruar whisky expert Martin Homola shares his top tips to investing.


Research from the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index revealed rare whisky bottles get a 373% return on investment.

It means a £59.95 bottle of Balvenie 12-Year-Old Doublewood might sell for £223.61 if sold at a peak period, making a £163 profit.

Wine makes a 162% return on investment, while cars make 185% and art just 97%.

Whisky expert Martin Homola, has now shared a guide for consumers on how to taste whisky, and which bottles to purchase if they want to make some cash.

‘Knowing how to invest is about connections and contacts, it’s about being in the right place at the right time with the proper awareness about what to buy, where to buy and when to buy and sell,’ said Martin.

‘Determining whether a bottle will become a collectible item is an art form in itself. 

‘It’s not necessarily dependent on taste, the distillery’s reputation, or age. 

‘A random event can transform the most ordinary bottle into a collectible piece – the collapse of a warehouse roof at Glenfiddich, destroying the majority of casks, turned the surviving bottles into investment gold dust.’


Top tips


Stick with the big brands  – Martin says: ‘Stick with the ‘big’ brands, such as Macallan, Dalmore, Balvenie, Bowmore, or Springbank – over time, well-established distilleries perform extremely well.’

Look for limited releases – Martin says: ‘Look for limited releases, vintages, and bottles which are part of a series. Usually, first releases increase in value the fastest.

Pick bottles with a story behind them  – Martin says: ‘Look for the bottles with a story behind them, like anniversary bottles, bottles for unique occasions, recently discontinued bottles, or any other story – this will add value to your bottle.’

Keep your whisky in the right conditions Martin says: ‘Whisky does not have an expiry date. If it is stored correctly – at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, always upright – it should last for over fifty years. 

‘If someone is looking to store bottles for a very long time, it is recommended to turn the bottle upside down every three to five years.’ 

To view the House of Bruar guide visit – www.houseofbruar.com/whisky-buying-guide


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