Visitor attraction Scotch Whisky Experience makes £3m investment in upgrades

A £3 million investment into the Scotch Whisky Experience has been made to enhance the way visitors engage with the making of whisky.

The transformative project, led by attraction architects Hatto + Partners, aims to leave visitors feeling connected to Scotland’s whisky heritage.

The attraction was first opened in 1988 on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, with 225,000 visitors enjoying the tour every year.

Following three years of careful planning, they have a new immersive experience that delves deep into the heart of whisky making.

Visitors journey through three key areas, origins, the art of whisky making and maturation.

Each zone is narrated and brought to life through cutting-edge technology.

Scotch whisky has a global appeal, with record-breaking exports exceeding £6 billion in 2022, which reflects the enduring love for Scotch whisky at home and abroad. 

‘We know Scotch whisky and we know what delights our visitors, to see these ideas elevated through the creativity and skill of the design team was so rewarding,’ said operations director Angela Dineen.

‘The result is an incredible new experience that not only wows our visitors but also works operationally so our team are comfortable in the new spaces and excited to deliver the tour.’

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