Scotland gets ready for a visit from Sexy Fish

One of the most talked about bars in the UK is coming to Scotland – for one night only.

Sexy Fish will be taking over The Devil’s Advocate, at 9 Advocates Close in Edinburgh, from 6pm to midnight on Tuesday, 10 April, for what should be a fitting farewell to Tales on Tour 2018.

Offering aheady mix of mid-century glamour and impressive artwork, Sexy Fish is based in London’s Berkeley Square, which houses up to 200 guests in the restaurant, along the dining bar and open kitchen counter.

Prepare yourself for cracking evening of cocktails, as five of Sexy Fish’s superstar bar team descend on Advocate’s Close, mixing cocktails from the bar’s brand new menu, which launched last month with similarly sensational pop ups at MACE bar in New York City, and 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore. Expect plenty of craic, delicious drinks and lots of flowery shirts!

Cocktails served on the evening will include:

Neonach – Hendrick’s Gin, Salmon, Basil & Fennel cordial, Chili oil;

Kiss Me – Glenfiddich 15yo, Banana & Raspberry Shrub, citrus, coconut, Chocolate bitters, miraculous Foamer;

Stone Age Martini – Reyka Vodka, Caraway seeds and Lemongrass distillate;

Popcorn Old Fashioned – Popcorn Infused Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Sugar, Bitters;

Collins – Hendrick’s Gin, Butternut Squash, Pineapple, Dill, Coriander, Soda, Gruyère.

The pop-up will run from 6pm until midnight at The Devil’s Advocate.

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