Guests were treated to a delicious array of freshly baked bagels.
Guests were treated to a delicious array of freshly baked bagels.

Bross Bagels launches West End branch

Thursday night saw the official launch of the third branch in the Bross Bagels Empire.

Their West End store, situated on Queensferry Street, is the perfect place to pick up a speedy breakfast treat or to seriously upgrade your soggy lunchtime sandwich. Owner Larah ‘Mama’ Bross’ Montreal roots bring a much needed authenticity to the Edinburgh bagel scene.

Guests were treated to a delicious array of freshly baked bagels.

On offer for us to sample throughout the evening were a selection of bagels, some from their core menu, others as part of their catering menu. Designed for parties and offices, their catering menu is run from their West End base, with options for both small and large parties available.

Their much larger, more sandwich-like Party Bagels were stuffed full, I enjoyed the ‘Vegan Party Bagel’ filled with mediterranean schmear, made with olives, red onion, sun blushed tomato, red pepper, and basil, finished off with rocket. So full of both flavour and filling, definitely the perfect party crowd pleaser.

Bross Bagels, West End, Edinburgh – what’s not to love?

Their selections are suitable for meat eaters and vegans alike, with no compromise on flavours. As a non meat eater myself, one of my favourites is their ‘Hungry Vegan’ bagel, stuffed full of smashed avocado, tomatoes, chilli oil and salt, housed in a multi seed vegan bagel, simple and delicious.

Be sure not to miss the pizza bagels. Cut in half and drenched in cheese, I found it seriously hard to resist eating them all myself. Even just the pretzel bagel dipped in mustard is simply delicious – and as Mama Bross told me, it’s her go-to snack.

Pizza bagels are a favourite among customers.

Fussy eaters will be pleased to know that all bagels are happily customisable. Want to swap out avocado for cream cheese? Want to add Gherkins? Go ahead! No one’s going to judge, build your own bagel – your way.

The location may be small, but with heated walls to keep you cosy from the cold and endless bagel options, I’m thankful for my waistline that my office isn’t right next door. However I am thankful that my bagel needs are now filled within a central reach!

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