200 sign up to secure the future of shooting

The British Game Alliance has hit a significant milestone, as 200 shoots have now signed up as members.

The BGA  is working to grow the market for Assured British Game, and currently have 24 Scottish members, to the benefit of every shoot and game dealer that joins up.

Although the primary aim of the BGA is growing the game meat market at home and abroad, even small shoots that do not sell on their game meat are signing up.

All member shoots have agreed to abide by the BGA’s Shoot Standards, which are rigorously enforced by auditors from Acoura, allowing all member shoots to boast best practice and high welfare.
The more shoots sign up, of all sizes, the more credible game shooting becomes as a self-regulating sector. Self-regulation is vital to defend the future of shooting, which is why all the major shooting organisations and so many prominent shoot owners and sporting agents are supporting the BGA.

Brian Mitchell, head gamekeeper at Castle Hill in Devon, said: ‘I have been a gamekeeper for 54 years, and today I see shooting under attack more than ever. I think a change of government will see a new drive to finish us off altogether, so using our game birds to help feed the nation is crucial.

‘When the British Game Alliance was first launched I wasn’t sure it could work, but over the last year the progress made by Tom Adams and his team have changed my mind completely.

‘Here at Castle Hill we have joined up because if there isn’t a market for the birds we shoot, it will be one of the factors that will finish off shooting. The BGA has already signed up 200 shoots but we need more. In fact, we need every shoot, big or small. The political uncertainty is still ahead, so we still have a chance to all pull together. Please join us and make a difference.’