A delicious grouse recipe to try at home

Roberta Hall-McCarron and Shaun McCarron know a thing or two about sourcing and cooking game.

From August through to February, The Little Chartroom in Edinburgh have a great range of game dishes featuring on their ever-changing menu.

Chef Roberta loves the taste and diversity of and often it is the only meat option on their small menu.

This is partly due to Roberta’s skill in cooking it but according to Shaun, who runs front of house in the Edinburgh restaurant, there’s a real public demand for game. Where once people were hesitant about trying it, it’s now a flavour widely enjoyed and recognised as a Scottish speciality.

Many people see the start of the season open with the Glorious Twelfth on 12th August, when grouse become available. You can expect to see grouse, The King of Game, on The Little Chartroom’s menu from this time onwards.

Like any produce, game is seasonal and varies in quality, which is why Roberta and Shaun source very carefully. Roberta suggests the best time to source and eat grouse is August to late September, partridge from September until mid-November, and pheasant from October until January.

For the quickest and easiest way to cook grouse, Roberta advises taking the time to remove the wishbone and legs, which cook quicker and may otherwise dry out. It’s best to cook the crown and legs separately rather than cooking the bird whole to save time.