The life story of the Big Yin – in his own words

I didn’t think it possible to love this comedy stalwart any more than I already did, but then this book landed on my desk.

Told through a dictaphone and transcribed by his family, this is the first time Sir Billy Connolly has shared his life story in his own words.

He of course treats us to his signature rambling tales, with the importance of dancing naked, stockpiling Digestive biscuits, and seeking the company of ‘people who, when left alone with a tea cosy, will always try it on’ all given special mention.

However, this is also a painfully frank reflection on his youth.

He recalls, for instance, the sadistic nuns and teachers that abused him as a child, including ‘Big Rosie’ who placed pencils under their hands to cause extra pain when wrapping their knuckles.

If, like me, you often wonder what a day in the life of Connolly looks like, this book is as close as it gets.

Windswept & Interesting: My Autobiography, by Billy Connolly, published by Two Roads, £25.00.

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