Fierce flavour combination for Lunar New Year

Bross Bagels will celebrate Lunar New Year with the launch of a limited-edition bagel available from Tuesday, February 1.

Not only will the foodie favourite introduce a brand-new Cantonese inspired filling, but the bagels themselves will also be given a twist, introducing a soy sauce infused bagel topped with black and white sesame seeds.

Partnering with Canton-born, Edinburgh-based creative entrepreneur, and founder of Red Unit, Thorranze Cheung, Bross will offer the bagel at its new Bross Deli at St James Quarter, as well as its Portobello and Bruntsfield shops, until Sunday February 6.

The ‘Holey Tiger’ is inspired by a classic Cantonese starter and includes pulled chicken with a cucumber and coriander salad and a ginger, garlic, soy and spring onion sauce, served on a soy sauce infused bagel, topped with black and white sesame seeds.

Bross Bagels founder, Larah Bross said: ‘I genuinely get a hole lot of joy from inspiring people to try new flavour combinations that bring together different cultural classics.

‘This is the first time we’ve brought together a Cantonese classic with a Canadian staple and what better time to try something new and fill your hole than the Lunar New Year. As 2022 welcomes the year of the tiger, this is one fierce flavour combination you bagel lovers won’t want to miss!’

Inspired by his late father’s recipe and love of cooking, as well as the sense of family, fun and sharing synonymous with Chinese New Year festivities, Thorranze worked with the Bross Bagels team to develop a bagel that allowed him to revisit and share some of his dad’s favourite family recipes.

Thorranze added: ‘Living far away from home is challenging, yet refreshing. I tend to think the latter is why I am where I am. The distance gave me a lot of space to reflect on what home means and how it has shaped me.

‘When I met Larah Broos at an event and got talking, I was really excited about the opportunity to work with the Bross team to create a taste of home beyond home – a taste that can resonate with people beyond my culture, with the inputs of the world and originality of Cantonese cuisine.

‘My father was our family’s chef, and he took care of us by cooking. Back in the day, we dined out a lot, and he loved to go to many different restaurants and come back to try to replicate some of his favourite dishes. He loved to share, connect with people through cooking and I hope that by trying this bagel, inspired by one of his favourite classic Cantonese recipes, given his own twist, it will in turn inspire others and evoke happy, family memories for those who taste it this Lunar New Year.’

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