Brewdog unveils Five Hundred Cuts rum

BrewDog Distilling Co has launched a new spirit with the release of Five Hundred Cuts rum.

Five Hundred Cuts is a handmade spiced rum inspired by the life of Elizabeth Blackwell, a trail-blazing 18th century illustrator of medicinal plants aka ‘the original spice girl’.

Five Hundred Cuts is an innovative, botanical rum with no artificial sweeteners or colourings. BrewDog’s eye for detail and non-compromising approach saw the liquid take six months and 35 recipes to complete.

Distilled using the world’s first triple pot still, from sugar cane molasses fermented for five days using a mixture of red wine and rum yeast. The resulting liquid is then double-pot distilled to create a flavoursome white rum with rich tropical flavours and hints of dark berries.

Taking inspiration from gin distillation, a combination of the white rum is then steeped in Tonka beans, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and spices; whilst the remainder is pot distilled with an abundance of fresh orange peel, schezuan peppercorn, green cardamom and cloves.

The result is a rum that is free from artificial ingredients.

The name ‘Five Hundred Cuts’ derives from Aberdeen-born Elizabeth Blackwell’s book A Curious Herbal, which documents the Five Hundred Cuts (botanicals or spices) some of which adorn the rum’s label and are found in the rum itself.

She used some of the profits from the book to secure her deadbeat husband’s release from jail. This plan worked, but not for long… he was released, absconded to Sweden as an advisor to the Royal Family, immediately found himself in trouble once more which ultimately lead to his beheading.

So, in a slightly morbid yet poignant way, his skull and the axe are both featured on the label.

David Gates, CEO of BrewDog Distilling Co, said: ‘We’re here to inject more excitement, playfulness and creativity into spirits.’

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