March 11th – OW!

nickalexanderSatisfactory day at the office yesterday with Amulree running better & finishing 4th (a bit remote!), Native Coll also finished 4th and Little Glenshee made a most encouraging debut to finish 6th in the bumper.  Blizzards on the way home though and this weekends runners will very much depend on what the weather does, if the forecast is wrong Forcefield will make his handicap debut in the 2.50 at Ayr, he looks quite harshly treated off top weight and Noir et Vert will run in the 3pm at the Cumberland P2P, we’ll have to see what happens. Apologies for the rather dilatory blogging over the past 48 hours, I have been flattened by the world’s worst ever toothache & haven’t been able to think about much other than when I’m allowed to swallow more ibuprofen, have a whole stack of different pills to take now & Dentist promises they will make me better, here’s hoping & he might be another guest blogger..