We’ve a tasty prawn ramen with spicy kimchi recipe

Raise your ramen game by using prawns instead of chicken in this delicious ramen.

Ramen is a notoriously comforting dish, full of flavour and budget friendly, feeding 4 for a tenner.

Love Seafood’s prawn ramen with spicy kimchi is a delicious dinner ready in 20 minutes. Add korean-style kimchi for an authentic flavour which perfectly complements the sweet juicy prawns and broccoli.

Love Seafood is focusing on how seafood can Bring on Better Living, showcasing how easy and tasty seafood is to cook at home. It’s simple, budget-friendly and encourages consumers from across the UK to bring more balance into their diets with a high-protein seafood option.

Shop your local fishmonger for a great choice of sustainably sourced seafood and for more recipe inspiration, visit www.loveseafood.co.uk.