New UK brand ambassador for New Zealand distillery

Tom Sutton has been appointed as the new brand ambassador in the UK for New Zealand-based Cardrona Distillery.

Tom began his bartending career by accident, after working in the kitchen of a small hotel in South Wales, where he had to cover for a bartender who didn’t turn up for his Saturday shift.

That one bartending stint saw Sutton become hooked on the industry for the next decade, and he went on to manage bars across Australia and New Zealand.

Whilst working as bar manager at Stranges Lane in Christchurch, New Zealand, he met the Cardrona Distillery team and became fascinated by their story and products.

After returning to the UK to work at Bristol bar Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Tom began competing in cocktail competitions and then moved into events and brand consultation.

A Cardrona Distillery spokesman said they were: ‘delighted to have someone with Tom’s knowledge, skill set and calibre’ to take its brand to the next level in the UK and globally.

Tom will act as the host for the regional finals of Cardrona’s inaugural cocktail competition across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London and Brighton.

The 2022 Cardrona Club Competition is inviting UK and New Zealand-based bartenders to submit a signature cocktail using 25ml of any of Cardrona’s spirits, including its vodka, gin, liqueurs and single malt whisky. Find out more HERE.

Founded in 2015, Cardrona Distillery is nestled in the beautiful Cardrona valley, in the Southern Alps of the South Island.

All Cardrona spirits are made from grain to glass on site at Cardrona Distillery and start with just three ingredients: pure Cardrona alpine water, malted barley, and distillers’ yeast.

Cardrona Distillery is family-owned and operated. The very best equipment has been sourced from the four corners of the earth, to make great-hand-crafted Single Malt Whisky, Gin, Single Malt Vodka and Liqueurs.

Founder, Desiree Reid has spent years of study, planning and research to establish Cardrona Distillery. She has learned the art and science of distillation from some of the world’s masters and has crafted the very character that is Cardrona Distillery, and her story has been captured in a new book by Harper Collins, Cardrona Distillery, Where Dreams are Hatched, released last November.

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