It’s the first Oolong tea-infused chai sipping gin

The world’s first Chai-spiced gin has been launched in Edinburgh.

Rutland Square Gin has created the first Oolong tea-infused chai sipping gin, created in the heart of Edinburgh and sourced using the finest botanicals from across the globe.

Named after the home of the Indian Consulate in Edinburgh, Rutland Square, the premium craft gin draws inspiration from the East and includes a blend of 14 of the finest botanicals including Oolong white tea, giving the gin a sweet and unique taste.

The founder of Rutland Square Gin, Nishant Sharma set out to revive his great grandfather, Tej Ram’s spirit enterprise which was born in the 1940s in Northeast India. Tej was an Indian spirit entrepreneur and visionary who distilled gin and blended whisky in Dibrugarh, Assam – a city which is famous the world over for the production of white tea.

Nishant Sharma said: ‘I’m so proud to be bringing this product to market nationally and eventually, internationally. It’s a product close to my heart which honours my great grandfather, Tej’s legacy and pays homage to his past, our present and travel.

‘We use the finest botanicals in our gin, sourced carefully and sustainably from across the world, the purest Scottish water and most importantly, tea from Dibrugarh; the very city where my great grandfather started his distilling business all those years ago. It is a story that starts in India and travels across the globe to Scotland, mixing two cultures to create a delicious and memorable flavour you won’t forget!

‘Perfect for sipping and savouring, our Chai Spiced Gin is the first spirit in our portfolio so keep your eyes peeled for our other exciting releases from Rutland Square Gin.”

The whole-leaf Oolong white tea used in Rutland Square Gin is sourced from a single estate in Assam and has a rich floral aroma with a rich yet clean and fresh liquor. The gin also includes fresh juniper, cubeb peppers, caraway seeds, angelica and vetiver root, cardamon and star-anise with notes of liquorice, lemon and orange peel and ginger. The royal gold and white packaging and stout bottling of the gin spells out ultimate luxury and pure regalia.

Rutland Square Gin is currently being distilled at Summerhall Distillery in Edinburgh city centre. Nishant has aspirations to set up a visitor centre and distillery in Scotland in the coming years.

Find out more at www.rutlandsqauregin.com.