TV chef Julie Lin opens ‘can-teen’

TELEVISION chef Julie Lin is traveling around Scotland in a pop-up “can-teen” to promote canned food.

Lin is working with environmental organisation Zero Waste Scotland to

Dishes on her menu include Spam bao buns, Thai fish cakes, and saag curry.

Her restaurant on wheels will visit Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen between 28 March and 31 March.

Lin said: “Tins are an unsung ‘double whammy’ of a hero in any kitchen, helping us to keep our rising food bills lower and reducing the amount of food we buy that goes off and gets thrown away, which is a major driver of climate change.

“Zero Waste Scotland’s research shows that nearly a quarter of people in Scotland think of tinned food as a ‘last resort’.

“That’s why my trusty ‘can-teen’ and I are taking to the road to encourage people to give tins a chance and taste for themselves how easy it is to make delicious meals that needn’t cost the earth, or the planet.

“What’s even more amazing is that tins are infinitely recyclable, meaning they can be made into other tins again and again, just by recycling them from the kerbside; which is a win-win – or rather tin-tin – for us and our environment.”

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