Scots get adventurous in new film

TOURISM body Wild Scotland has released a film encouraging locals and visitors to try its members’ adventurous activities.

Nurture Your Adventurous Spirit – which is available on YouTube or below – features wildlife and adventure tourism operators from throughout Scotland.

They include Nikki Dayton-Gelati from Wilder Ways, which runs horseback archery courses in Southend on the Kintyre Peninsula, and Anna Neubert-Wood, who mixes mindfulness with adventure at WanderWoman Scotland.

Dayton-Gelati said: “People don’t believe they can do it, but when they find they can, they usually go away on a total high as a result.”

Neubert-Wood added: “I wanted to set up something and keep sharing that passion for the outdoors.

“There’s so much knowledge from growing up with and in nature, and just my experience and the passion that comes with the Scottish landscape.”

The video was produced by Edinburgh-based filmmaker Markus Stitz.

It also features Basking Shark Scotland, Macs Adventure, Roll Outdoors, Swim – Dan the Merman – Argyll, and Wild Tree Adventures.

Elaine Cameron, one of the tree climbing instructors, said: “There’s a lot of people who maybe think they’ve got a fear of heights or that they can’t do it when actually, if they give it a go they can just get a metre or two off the ground and keep going, they can get up into the branches up into the canopy of an amazing tree and just have a really great time.”

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