Lochaber estates launch venison brand and shop

JAHAMA Highland Estates has launched a wild venison brand and opened its first shop in Fort William.

The brand has been named “Fiadh á Fireach”, Gaelic for “‘a deer from the hill”.

Jahama is selling cuts of meat, along with mince, burgers, and sausages.

Julia Stoddart, the estates’ chief operating officer, said: “Our mission is to reconnect the local population with the land, with wild food produce helping to fulfil this part of our new management strategy.

“We are keen to promote the concept of hunting for food to those who would like to participate.

“Wild venison is the end product of competent deer management, which we believe should be available to local people in an accessible form and at an affordable price.”

She added: “We also want to demonstrate how achievable it is for Scottish landowners to make native animal produce available for sale.

Good quality wild meat harvested in a humane manner comes without the economic and environmental costs of transporting produce huge distances.”

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