Free seafood cookery classes are coming to the Edinburgh

A free seafood cookery school roadshow aimed at teaching parents and their children how to prepare and cook seafood is heading to Edinburgh this month.

The free class is part of Seafish’s latest initiative, Back to School, urging the UK to fall in love with seafood and encourage more people to eat the recommended two portions of seafood each week.

The roadshow will visit the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine on 20 December, and there are spaces available for the cookery class which has been designed by MasterChef winner Jane Devonshire. Parents and children who take part will learn how to prepare and serve different species of fish and learn delicious yet simple recipes to try at home.

The class is for children aged eight and up, will show families how to bring the fun and passion into cooking. Each class has been expertly designed by Jane and registered dietician Juliette Kellow, and will be taught by the cook school’s in-house expert chefs.

The programme, in collaboration with Jane, was launched after a survey revealed that a staggering 85% of parents in the UK aren’t eating enough fish, while a quarter (25%) of parents in the UK say that knowledge of how to prepare and cook fish stops them eating seafood based dishes at home.

The programme of cooking classes launching this month, aims to inspire and educate parents and children across the country to cook and enjoy simple seafood suppers.

The sessions in Edinburgh will dispel some of the myths around cooking seafood while teaching parents and their children how to shuck, fillet, prep and serve different species of fish and provide them with delicious recipes to try at home.

A spicy prawn frittata

Seafish has designed the roadshow to highlight the fun and creative ways parents and children can enjoy cooking and eating more seafood together, whilst educating them on the many health benefits associated with eating more fish, such as; improved sleep, stronger bones and healthy skin, nails and hair. Eating two portions of fish per week can increase brain function and regulate inflammation throughout the body as well helping to prevent serious health conditions such as coronary heart disease.

Steven Brown from the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine said: ‘We’re proud to be on board with Seafish and show families in Edinburgh how easy it is to add delicious seafood to our diets. There are hundreds of different varieties of fish available and so many ways to cook them. Back to School is the perfect way to show families how easy it is to cook with seafood, and create recipes for kids to enjoy.’

Jane Devonshire added: ‘As a mum myself, I know it can be tricky to get your children to try new fish dishes. Back to School will help families across the UK by showing them how simple it is to add seafood to their diet.

‘Fish is a great, versatile, fast food and there are lots of dishes that are quick to prepare and easy to cook – it’s also a lot more affordable than many people realise, making it ideal for families.’

Seafish’s chief executive officer Marcus Coleman said: ‘Our Fish 2 a Week campaign is all about making sure people know that by eating more fish more often, they can lead healthier lives. Our Back to School classes will show the nation how to enjoy a whole host of delicious seafood dishes the whole family can enjoy and benefit from.’

For more information on the cookery classes or to book a place, contact Edinburgh School of Food & Wine on 0131 333 5001 or info@esfw.com or email seafish@stripecommunications.com