Edinburgh Riding of the Marches returns

THE Edinburgh Riding of the Marches will return on 10 September following a three-year gap.

The event traces its roots to the historic riding of the boundaries – or “marches” – of the city, which dates back to 1579.

The practice died out after 1718 but was revived in 1946 to mark the end of the Second World War a year earlier.

Jay Sturgeon and Abbie McDowell were chosen as the captain and lass to lead the riding in 2020, but the event was cancelled for two years due to the pandemic.

Last year’s riding was cancelled due to the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Sturgeon and McDowell are now expected to lead nearly 300 horses and riders on the 26-mile route next month.

Riders will begin their journey at The Drum country house and estate in the south of the city and are expected to reach the Royal Mile at around 3.30pm.

Entertainment – including “music and stunt performances” – will begin on the Royal Mile at 12.30pm.

The event is organised by the Edinburgh March Riding Association, which said it would post details of vantage points for the public to watch the riding on its website.

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