Edinburgh Art Festival flits to August

THE Edinburgh Art Festival is moving to August to join the city’s other summer festivals.

The UK’s biggest visual arts festival will run on 11–27 August.

This summer’s programme – which will be published later in the spring – is the first to be curated by new festival director Kim McAleese.

McAleese said: “The programme this year is a reflection of a desire to begin to evolve the vision and purpose of Edinburgh Art Festival.

“This will take time and is a process of learning, listening, reflecting, and absorbing.

“Edinburgh is a city internationally recognised for festivals, during the month of August and each year we welcome almost a million people to experience cultural events.

“What could a festival look like that is rooted here and connects to people in the city and is also balanced with a critical and nuanced global dialogue?

“How can we connect with and find mutual support internationally, platforming artists, individuals and communities who can find alternative ways to resist?

“I believe in the generative process of collaboration and want to embrace it by connecting, amplifying, promoting and sharing individuals, organisations, and projects that have an intimacy with these values.”

The festival has also named broadcaster Gemma Cairney as the chair for uts board and Beth Bate, director of Dundee Contemporary Arts, as its vice-chair.

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