Crerar Hotels gives further £200,000 to charities

HOTEL operator Crerar is donating a further £200,000 to charities, including those working across health, education, and social inclusion.

The company donates 50% of its distributable profits to charities in the communities surroundings its seven hotels.

Over the past decade, the firm has given £8.5 million to more than 450 organisations.

Chief executive Chris Wayne-Wills said: “Our continued community commitment is very important to us within Crerar; it’s in our DNA.

“We believe this announcement today is much-needed good news for our local communities.

“It is our privilege to keep giving something back to them and particularly in a time which has been so challenging for all.

“More than 16 organisations have benefitted from these recent charitable grants, including Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid, a Men’s Shed, and Mull Shore & Wood Walk to name just a few.”

Earlier in the year, Crerar gave free stays to NHS frontline workers and other local heroes.

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