Planting taking place at RSPB Scotland Corrimony nature reserve. Credit: RSPB Scotland
Planting taking place at RSPB Scotland Corrimony nature reserve. Credit: RSPB Scotland

Corrimony Nature Reserve: Signs of recovery at wildfire hit nature reserve a year on

It was destroyed by a devastating wildfire last year, but now there are signs of recovery at Corrimony Nature Reserve.

Flames burned in woodland and moor near Cannich, south of Inverness, for two weeks decimating important moorland and woodland habitat, home to species including Black Grouse and Scottish Crossbill.

An exceptional dry spell with hot and sunny weather over a few weeks allowed the blaze to spread rapidly.

Wildfire at Corrimony nature reserve. Credit: Simon Mclaughlin, RSPB Scotland.

Tragically the fire burned for days despite staff from Corrimony and nearby RSPB Scotland nature reserves, multiple fire crews, helicopter teams, neighbouring landowners and staff and others working round the clock to extinguish the blaze. 

But one year on, RSPB Scotland said a year on some parts of its Corrimony nature reserve were recovering naturally. It has also been planting new trees after raising £200,000 in donations.

‘We were devastated by impacts of the wildfire which destroyed huge amounts of the habitat here and undid decades of crucial woodland restoration,’ said site manager, Simon Mclaughlin.

RSPB Scotland Corrimony nature reserve a year after the fire. Credit: RSPB Scotland

‘The generosity of our members, supporters, and partners has enabled us to begin to recover this incredible nature reserve.

‘It has been uplifting to see the positive impact we have been able to make already, from planting new trees to rebuilding important deer fencing. The support we have received from across Scotland and beyond has been essential in helping to restore Corrimony.’


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