Cauliflower power as snacking shifts online

SNACKING Scots have been credited with saving an Ayrshire-based business.

Tracey Hogarth, owner of Nudie Snacks, saw her sales drop by 95% when lockdown began as the offices that bought her snack boxes sent their workers home.

Hogarth switched to selling her snacks – which include cauliflower crisps, roasted split peas, and chocolate orange protein balls – directly to customers through Amazon’s website.

“The pandemic made us sit up and reassess how we were going to adapt our model and survive,” she said.

Hogarth already employs six people at Nudie Snacks and now wants to find a big chain of shops to sell her goods.

“I’d love to grow the Nudie brand to a point where it’s recognised by customers around the world,” she added.

“I have ambitions to break into European markets, which would be a natural evolution for the brand.”

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