The Balmoral Edinburgh

Balmoral’s ‘Curfew Club’ promises cocktails, whiskies, and movies

WHISKY tastings, cocktail creations, and movie nights are just some of the activities on offer at The Balmoral as part of the Edinburgh hotel’s “Curfew Club“.

The experiences are being offererd to guests in their rooms after 10pm.

They include a whisky tasting with one of the “ambassadors” from the hotel’s Scotch bar, which stocks more than 500 single malts.

Movie nights include a special menu from executive head chef Gary Robinson, including sourdough pizza topped with Balmoral cure smoked salmon, mascarpone, truffle oil, soft quail eggs and caviar.

The hotel also offers a selection of popcorns and a sweet macaron “burger”, designed by the hotel’s executive pastry chef, Ross Sneddon.

Guests can also try their hand at “mixology” by creating their own cocktails, using boston shakers and ingredients brought to their rooms.

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