Hebrides soundtrack for hotel’s ‘wellness room’

SOUNDS recorded in the Hebrides are helping guests to relax at the Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel in Edinburgh.

Music producer Brian D’Souza travelled to locations including the Hebrides, Cape Verde, Lake Geneva, and Lofoten in the Article to make his recordings.

He then mixed sounds from fields, the sea, and wildlife with noises from gongs, singing bowls, and musical instruments, including the bagpipes.

Guests can now listen to the soundtrack in a new “sound wellness room” at the hotel, called “The Swell”.

They will sit in armchairs that also vibrate in time to the sounds.

D’Souza said: “I’ve always been fascinated by how music has the ability to affect our emotional state.

“Whether it brings people together and takes them to a euphoric state at a festival or keeps the drinks flowing in a bar, or it works to reduce heart rate and create a sense of calm – it has a direct correlation with our mood.

“So, to create The Swell Room, in collaboration with Kimpton Charlotte Square, is a real privilege.

“I’ve loved the process of creating this sound treatment, from recording around the world to bringing all the sounds together in my studio, it’s been a really rewarding experience and I’m excited for it to take guests on an immersive journey to a deeply relaxed state.”

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