Tobermory Gin has been created in the distillery on Mull
Tobermory Gin has been created in the distillery on Mull

The Tobermory Distillery launches its first-ever gin

The only whisky distillery on the Isle of Mull has expanded its distilling skills to produce new Tobermory Gin.

The artisan, Hebridean distiller, known for their Tobermory and Ledaig Single Malts has created the first gin in the distilleries over 200-year history.

Available from 15th August to both the on and off-trade, Tobermory Gin has been created using inspiration from the colourful island, the second largest of the Inner Hebrides, located off the west coast of Scotland.

Starting as a blank canvas, the base spirit is distilled over and over until it is clean, fresh and ready to take on the vibrant array of flavours from the island’s rich palate.

Unique to Tobermory Gin, a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills is added, creating a standout character, unlike any other. Lovingly named ‘botanical #1’, hours of hard work and experimentation were involved in creating the perfect balance for the splash, which makes Tobermory Gin so special.

Ensuring a true taste of the island is hugely important to the blend, as is demonstrated with the inclusion of a pinch of Hebridean tea, grown by a locally on Mull.

In total, thirteen specially selected botanicals create Tobermory Gin’s flavour profile, including juniper, elderflower and sweet orange peel. All are picked in season to strengthen and enhance the flavour profile and are steeped for at least 24 hours in the base spirit. These botanicals reflect the fruity character that Tobermory is known for in their standout Single Malt whisky.

Distilled in a John Dore & Co copper pot still, Tobermory Gin has the perfect balance of fruity and floral notes with the malty full mouthfeel of newly distilled whisky spirit. On the nose, notes of fresh juniper are balanced with citrus and coriander, with a touch of rich maltiness, from the specially created Botanical #1.

Tobermory Gin has been created in the distillery on Mull

At 43.3% ABV, Tobermory Gin is best served in a balloon glass with ice, topped with chilled tonic water. The taste of fresh juniper balanced with sweet orange and lemon comes through clearly, with hints of coriander and gentle herbs and spices. The serve has a luxurious, creamy taste with the subtle hint of sweet malt. Garnished which a sprig of thyme, a slice of fresh bloodred orange and a dash of dried hibiscus flowers, the finish is long, fresh and citrusy.

A campaign – ‘expressive by nature’ – will include advertising, PR, social and sampling which will support the new product launch, with the name inspired by the island and the creative process.

Stephen Woodcock, distillery manager at Tobermory Distillery said: ‘Tobermory Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, producing one of the oldest Single Malts. We’ve got a track record of producing different spirit types, though we’d never tried to make gin, until now.

‘Tobermory Gin is the first established Single Malt distillery to use their name on a gin. Using a splash of spirit from our famous whisky stills, along with a mix of botanicals, some hand foraged on the island, Tobermory Gin really is something different for the gin market, with an interesting story to tell as well as a high quality and unique spirit.’

Amy Burns, global marketing manager of Tobermory Gin said: ‘The team at Tobermory Distillery are highly skilled and the prospect of taking on a fresh challenge, to create a new type of spirit, was one they embraced with creativity and island inspiration. The addition of Tobermory Gin has given us the opportunity to strengthen the distillery portfolio and we’re confident Tobermory Gin will prove popular with our whisky drinkers and gin drinkers alike, giving them a little taste of magical Mull.’