Fringe: No place to Hyde in a great one man show

Michael Tonkin-Jones is a busy performer – in this one man show,Hyde and Seek, he demonstrates considerable skill, playing all the characters, he sings, is a puppet master and dances too.

The play is based on Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and narrated by Albert, the stage door manager of a theatre who is wrestling with giving up the identity of a man he admires to the police after a murder.

The production is Victorian dark, set in Soho, the links between scenes makes use of farce. On the first use of farce by Jones, I thought, this isn’t going to work.

I was wrong as it fitted the narrative very well and the further use of this mode of acting only enhanced the show. The fight scenes between the characters are particularly compelling.

Jones’s ability to effortlessly slip between characters, moods and voices is a testament to a performer that has worked very hard, I admire him and his ability.

Not only is he a talented actor he is quite a technician, by some magic he stage manages all the numerous mood lighting himself.

This is a great show, you will be rewarded by seeing a production that combines a good story, a hard working actor performing numerous roles.

Hyde and Seek, Underbelly Cowgate, Belly Button, Underbelly, 11.30am.

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