The Scottish island where everyone smuggled whisky

Such was the scale of illicit whisky distilling in Arran during the late 18th and 19th centuries, it is suggested that every one of the island’s inhabitants was involved in smuggling the golden tipple at some point in their life.

Yet, while Islay and the Highlands are associated with some of the best whiskies in the world, Arran’s contribution to the industry’s notoriety is less well  known – until now.

Native islander Gregor Adamson, through painstaking research, brings the tale of ‘Arran Water’ to life, describing in vivid detail the rise and fall of the west coast island’s smuggling industry.

The book reveals the spirit of Arran’s whisky dealers, the social and economic impact of the trade and tells of clashes between islanders and customs officers.

Whisky enthusiast, history buff or lover of Arran – this book provides a fascinating insight into the intrigue and passion of Arran’s whisky producers and of the industry’s 21st-century revitalisation.

Arran Water, by Gregor Adamson, published by Neil Wilson Publishing, £9.99.

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