Lauren’s Cows homeware

WHO can resist a cheeky cow? Not us, and that’s why we absolutely love Lauren’s Cows.

Lauren Terry’s art journey began in 2012 when she was living in London to pursue an acting career. Missing her Yorkshire home, this self-taught artist thought her flat could use a touch of the country, so she painted her first cow, based on a greeting card. Lauren explains how one painting, meant for only her own enjoyment, became not only her passion, but also a full time business.

‘When I took the painting to a frame shop in North Yorkshire, the proprietor loved it so much that he offered to host an exhibition if I could come up with 20 more. I sold so many of my cow creations that I gave up acting and moved back to Yorkshire to launch my art business full time.’

Each of Lauren’s cow paintings is based on a real animal that she has photographed, and when you add to this her artistic talent for capturing each one’s character, the result is a truly delightful work of art.

‘Anywhere I might go, I observe cows, and if I see something that inspires, I will go to the farmhouse and ask permission of the farmer to take photos so I can get very close up,’ Lauren said. ‘I seem to have a real empathy and connection with my subjects. I just lie in the field with my camera and let the cows come up to me, being careful not to go into a field with a bull or with calves.’

Lauren’s Cows was selected as one of the nation’s 100 most inspiring small firms by the Small Business Saturday UK campaign, just as it marks its ten-year anniversary. What is it about cows that Lauren, and increasingly, the public, just can’t resist?

‘People love to see images of cows. They are very curious creatures, and they tend to have big, kind eyes, big eyelashes and pretty faces, which appeals. Even people who might be scared of seeing a live cow still find them attractive. There are also people who work with or own cattle, and they know well that each cow has a different face and personality.’

You can find Lauren’s cows on quality homeware products, from tea towels, placemats and coasters to mugs and jugs to prints and paintings, each featuring an individually named bovine beauty. And for the festive season, Christmas cards, themed textiles and gift tags are sure to please. If you can’t decide, a gift voucher is the perfect option for the countryside lover in your life.

Visit to browse the collection, available to ship throughout the UK, and, for certain items, overseas as well.

Assisting Lauren is her mum, Jude, who left her career as an optician to team up with her daughter, as Head of Sales and Coordination.

‘Every item is made in the UK of only the highest quality,’ explained Jude. ‘Lauren puts so much passion and detail into her art, so we make sure that all of our products are the best they can be.’

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