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First international Scottish Gin Day is on the way

The first International Scottish Gin Day is to take place in 2019.

International Scottish Gin Day 2019 (ISGD) will help a global audience discover the wonderful world of Scottish Gin and aims to create a special day established to raise the profile of Scottish Gin and showcase Scotland as a visitors destination.

It has been established by The Gin Cooperative, a rural Scottish business based in Aberdeenshire.

Saturday 3 August 2019 named as International Scottish Gin Day, and will provide an opportunity for Scottish gin makers, bars, restaurants, bottle shops and gin drinkers to discover, celebrate and promote Scottish Gin on the day.

There will be on-going campaigns starting in October 2018 right through to August 2019 presenting the unique and on-going opportunity to tell the story of Scottish Gin.

The Gin Cooperative, a husband and wife business founded by Martin and Natalie Reid, promotes the story of Scottish gin through its website, ISGD will provide businesses with the chance to shape their own event around the day. This may include bottle shops hosting Scottish Gin tastings and meet the maker sessions or see bars and hotels hosting events that might include food and gin pairings.

The Gin Cooperative is currently working with a range of Scottish Gin makers and international companies with the objective of promoting Scottish Gin and Scotland.

They only work with Scottish Gin makers who distill their gin in Scotland. With 80 Scottish Gin brands and over 190 individually profiled Scottish gins, The Gin Cooperative has the world’s largest Scottish Gin directory and the world’s largest dedicated Scottish Gin website. All content created by The Gin Cooperative encourages sensible alcohol consumption, and an ‘enjoy responsibly’ message.

Martin said: ‘The possibilities are endless, and this is what we want – a complete day that celebrates the many fantastic and brilliant Scottish Gins distilled here in Scotland, but also creates opportunities for businesses across Scotland and further afield to create their own International Scottish Gin Day event.

‘All official supporters and stakeholders who take part will be featured on an ISGD section of The Gin Cooperative website, with a dedicated website currently under development. They will also have the opportunity to participate in on-going promotional activities across both print and digital media in the run-up to the day.’

Natalie Reid feels the time is right for an International Scottish Gin Day

Co-founder Natalie added: ‘With Scottish Gins sweeping the board and picking up many awards in 2018 at some of the world’s most prestigious and respected spirits competitions, the reputation of Scottish Gin as being amongst the best in the world has been firmly established.

‘With the second annual Scottish Gin Awards being held in just under two weeks, Scottish Gin makers have a lot to look forward to as Scottish Gin continues to grow and be seen as a watchword for quality. Scottish Gin makers have a lot to be proud of and rightly so.

‘Scotland as a food and drink producing country is seen as a benchmark for quality, so we wanted to create a day that celebrates Scottish Gin that’s distilled in Scotland and promoted as being Scottish with co-ordinated events with gin makers, bars and more.

‘The Gin Cooperative was established at the beginning of 2018 along with my husband Martin as a business that works with Scottish Gin Makers to tell their story and the broader story of Scottish Gin to the consumer. We currently have the world’s largest Scottish Gin directory and the world’s largest dedicated Scottish Gin website.

‘As a business, The Gin Cooperative promotes the story of Scottish Gin, with the support of Scottish Gin makers who have a listing on our directory, We currently feature over 190 individually profiled Scottish Gins with more being added every few weeks. From day one, one of the objectives of the business was to establish a day that would provide the opportunity to showcase how fantastic Scottish Gin really is to a global audience.’