Distillery opens its doors for cocktail week

Sweetdram is to open its distillery to the public for the first time as part of Edinburgh Cocktail Week.

Sweetdram is welcoming in those who enjoy progressive, flavour driven spirits as its exciting new distillery will be offering tours and sampling sessions during this year’s Edinburgh Cocktail Week, encouraging all to Drink Different.

After beginning life as gypsy distillers in east London, Sweetdram shifted production to Scotland after the demand meant that the only way it could continue was to build its own distillery and Edinburgh was a no-brainer: phenomenal bar scene, progressive restaurants and great support for the local community.

With two products in the range so far, Escubac (described specifically as ’not a gin’) and Smoked Spiced Rum (described as just, really good), the tour will also offer samples of both spirits and a chance to purchase a dram of the first batch of Escubac ever made in Scotland, which has been maturing in whisky casks for a long, flavoursome six months.

Tickets are available via the Edinburgh Cocktail Week website and the price is redeemable against a bottle purchase, as well as giving 10% off at the distillery bar and gift shop.

Visitors will be welcome at the Sweetdram Distillery, 54 Bankhead Crossway South, Edinburgh, from 16-21 at noon, 3pm and 6pm. Tickets cost £6.