Bon Accord soft drinks

SINCE 1903, families across Scotland have eagerly anticipated the sight of the iconic Bon Accord bottles on their doorsteps. The Scottish, family-owned business created soft drinks that found a place in the hearts of the nation for over 90 years. Production paused in 2000, but 16 years later the business was successfully reignited by the founder’s great-great-granddaughter, Karen Knowles.

Karen had been enjoying a night out with friends and, whilst pregnant with her first child, realised how truly limited her options were in terms of soft drinks. At that moment, it became her mission to change the face of the Scottish soft drink industry and create a range of drinks geared towards more health-conscious adult consumers.

With accomplished careers in the food industry, Karen and her business partner, Nathan Burrough, turned their sights to reinvigorating her family’s soft drinks business.

Karen and Nathan at Bon Accord

In 2016, Bon Accord Soft Drinks was re-established.

And today, Bon Accord Soft Drinks has garnered much acclaim across the nation. They’ve even grown beyond Scotland’s borders and now distribute soft drinks internationally, spreading their love of juice across the globe with recent exports heading to the likes of Denmark, France, and the US.

Big, natural flavour is at the forefront of everything Bon Accord does. They are uncompromising in their commitment to creating joyfully juicy drinks that are not only 100% plant-based but also free from artificial colours and sweeteners.

Each drink is 100% naturally sweetened using coconut nectar and fruit juice, ensuring it is vegan-friendly. Bon Accord is the first and only soft drinks company to use this innovative natural sweetening technique.

Bon Accord has the perfect range of flavours to satisfy any thirst. From tongue-tingling Ginger Beer and refreshing Rhubarb Soda to crisp, spirit-enhancing Tonic, there’s a Bon Accord to lift every occasion.

You can find Bon Accord in bars and restaurants across Scotland and in major retailers, including selected Morrisons stores, Co-op, Scotmid, and Margiotta. Or, just like in the old days, you can get Bon Accord soft drinks delivered straight to your doorstep by ordering online!

For more information, visit Bon Accord’s website:

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