A new Scottish ginger beer hits the shops

A new Scottish craft ginger beer is set to bring a smile to the face of the nation.

Big Willie is all about the spirit of adventure and discovery, as it turns back the clock to the days of adventurous seamen, when Big Willie was the mythical Royal Navy purser who kept a beady eye on the ship’s cargo, to prevent misbehaving sailors from getting their hands on the goods.

A spokesman said: ‘Big Willie is our new craft ginger beer and we wanted to share it with you.

‘Made here in Scotland, Big Willie contains the finest 100% natural ingredients from around the world, including Nigerian ginger and vanilla all the way from Tahiti.

‘It’s been perfectly balanced to bring out the flavour of spirits, rather than drowing them. We think Big Willie pairs beautifully with gin.’

Scottish Field today received a portion, and we can honestly say that it went down well. It’s not too strong a taste, and has a similarity to a cream soda – but with an extra little kick when it hits the back of your throat.

Big Willie is now available in shops.