Teams head to Stirlingshire as they are at Loggerheads

Two teams of woodworking experts will be at Loggerheads tonight.

Loggerheads is a new BBC Scotland series which pits two teams against each other in a timed competition to create something spectacular from their freshly felled timber in just 24 hours.

The teams travel the length and breadth of Scotland, visiting a different woodland each episode, as they bid to impress a local judge. Using wood felled as part of the woodlands’ management plans, the experts wrestle this freshly cut timber, which can be notoriously tricky to work with.

Both items will remain in the woodlands but when the clock runs out and the sawdust settles only one team can claim victory – chosen by a local judge – and lift the coveted golden axe.

Presenting this series is comedian and farmer Jim Smith.

The two team captains are:

Linzi St Clair Thompson (33) – Originally from Edinburgh but now living just outside Perth, Linzi started off by obtaining a degree in Textile and Surface design where she began wood burning pyrography and upholstery. She has a passion for illustration, particularly nature-based subjects and it seemed natural to combine this with her woodworking by using pyrography. After her studies, she moved to France where she worked as a ski instructor and off piste guide, working out of season back in Edinburgh with furniture and also on set/costume design. Linzi continues to grow the business from her workshop in Cargill, where she builds contemporary furniture and wooden home accessories using native wood which is felled, milled and stored on her Perthshire farm.

Vicente Ridaura-Harvey (35) – Vicente is originally from Mexico but is now based in East Lothian. He does everything from fine joinery to cabinet and furniture making. He came to Scotland in 2012 to do a 9-month intensive course on furniture making, having first started in Vancouver in 2007, working as a framer.##Before moving onto Scotland, Vicente returned to Mexico, where he had a small company making wooden Pergolas, but also worked as a Set Dresser for TV advertising.

This week, in a historic woodland in Stirlingshire, captains Linzi and Vicente get their hands on some Larch. The teams have been challenged to help this community woodland encourage local youngsters to connect with their outdoor environment.

As the clock ticks down both teams struggle to realise their ambitious plans, as presenter Jim watches on as they strive to finish their carefully crafted traditional joints and chainsaw carvings.

Episode two of Loggerheads, which has been produced by Mighty Productions Scotland, will be shown tonight, Monday, 28 February, at 7.30pm.

Jim Smith joins the Scottish Field podcast this week to chat about the show, which will be available from Wednesday.