Coronation jewels expert visits North Berwick

AN EXPERT who has studied the coronation jewels will be in North Berwick on Wednesday to share her knowledge.

Clare Blatherwick, who spent ten years as head of jewellery at auction house Bonhams in Edinburgh, wrote about the coronation jewels likely to be used next month for The Journal of Gemmology, which is published by the The Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Blatherwick will be at the Marine Hotel for an appointment-only event from 2pm to 8pm entitled “All The Colours”, during which she will speak about gemstones.

After completing her university training, Blatherwick worked at a gemstone merchant in London’s Hatton Garden, before joining Bonhams.

“One of her incredible network of contacts, an international gem dealer will be bringing, for purchase, a collection of gemstones carefully vetted by Clare,” said the event’s organisers.

“Together they will be showcasing some unusual stones, like spinels, a stone long prized by royalty: the 14th-century Black Prince’s Ruby that adorns the British Imperial State Crown is actually a red spinel, not a ruby as many may think.

“Clare’s in house jewellery designer, Jacqui Mathieson, an Edinburgh College of Art graduate with [more than] 30 years of experience, will also be on hand to help design bespoke pieces using client’s chosen gemstones or help with remodelling projects of pieces they already own and are no longer wearing.”

This week’s session follows on from Blatherwick’s inaugural “pearl event” with Renata Terjeki.

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