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Review, Meet Fresh, Edinburgh

When global Taiwanese dessert and bubble tea shop Meet Fresh opened their pop up in the basement of Ikigai Ramen, they were only planning to stay until the end of January. However, the Edinburgh market must have proved receptive to the traditional desserts and drinks served at Meet Fresh as they now have a permanent location on 13 W Richmond Street in Newington.

We were invited to view their new location and taste some of their exciting upcoming range of seasonal drinks and desserts. The restaurant was fairly busy when we entered, the small seating area in front of the counter nearly full, so once we ordered we headed downstairs to wait for our treats.

The Yuzu Lemonade with Coconut Jelly was a recommendation from one of the staff who I thanked internally once I took my first sip. This tangy, citrusy drink is refreshing and while the lemonade is the main flavour, the distinctive yuzu is strong enough to stand on its own.

If you ever wondered if passionfruit and jasmine go well together, I can happily confirm it does. The Passionfruit Jasmine Tea had real pieces of passionfruit in it that complemented the floral jasmine tea in a new delightful combination.

We were given the coconut jelly on the side to add into the drink if we desired and we tried it both before and after. The coconut jelly changed the flavour of drinks, enhancing their sweetness without detracting from the key flavours.

The Matcha Souffle was creamy and sweet, the thick cream melting in the mouth. The red bean on top added a nice touch of nutty flavour without being overly sweet.

While the Matcha was a nice safe choice, the star of the show was definitely the Crème Brule Souffle with Boba. It was the perfect mixture of soft fluffy pancake topped with cream and burnt sugar that melded beautifully with the sweet, chewy boba. If you ever had brown sugar milk tea and thought that you would like to eat the flavour, this is for you. I will be back to have to have this again.

Both drinks and souffles were perfect editions to a spring and summer seasonal menu; treats we can enjoy on the rare sunny days and cheer ourselves up with on the dreich ones.

If you’re keen to try their menu, their seasonal menu will launch on 17 April and Meet Fresh are offering their first 50 customers 50 per cent off their souffles for the first two days after their launch.

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