Pizzeria with a difference opens its doors

Sourdough pizza pioneers Franco Manca has officially opened its first Edinburgh-based pizzeria.

With fresh sourdough handmade on site every day and natural Italian wine, Franco Manca was the first pizzeria to offer sourdough pizza in the UK.

Customers will be able to order one of the daily meat, veg and vegan specials or choose from seven regular pizza options on the menu, including fan-favourite ‘the no. 4’, which features cured ham, wild mushrooms and a mix of mozzarella and buffalo ricotta.

The slow-rising sourdough, unique to Franco Manca, dates back to the late 18th century. First procured by the pizzeria’s founder, Giuseppe Mascoli, near the city of Naples, the recipe still honours the ingredients and methods that make the age-old style of Neapolitan pizza unique, delicious and world renowned.

Emiliano Ruzzu, Franco Manca’s Edinburgh head pizzaiolo, said: ‘We couldn’t be more excited to open the doors of our brand new Edinburgh home. It’s a truly beautiful city and we’re so excited to share our delicious sourdough pizza offering with you all.

‘Pop in and say hi, try our delicious pizza topped with seasonal ingredients sourced from small suppliers across Italy and the UK, teamed with a selection of quality products from local craft brewers and natural Italian wine.’

Franco Manca’s Edinburgh pizzeria is their latest opening in the UK, with more to follow throughout 2019. For more information on other Franco Manca locations, visit: www.francomanca.co.uk

The new pizzeria is located at The Mint Building, 19-23 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh.