Recently discovered textiles by Andy Warhol to go on display in Scotland

Recently discovered textiles by iconic American artist Andy Warhol will go on display in Scotland for the first time.

The rare exhibition will be held at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh next year.

The 20th century artist created and sold his textiles anonymously, leaving them in obscurity until their recent discovery by collectors and curators Richard Chamberlain and Geoff Rayner.

Warhol: The Textiles will showcase more than 60 textile works, featuring fabric lengths,  garments, prints, film and photography.

Together these pieces demonstrate how textile and  fashion design were a crucial element to Warhol’s success.

Everyday objects were a key part of the 1950s American textile trade, with  prints used for dresses, skirts and more.

All Images © 2023 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

This was an important focus for Warhol, who had a  knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, alongside his fascination with  repetition, which became an integral part of his Pop art. 

Warhol’s textiles are full of playful food designs from lemons to candy apples to pretzels. One  of the most inventive projects on display will be his designs for legendary New York café  Serenditpity3, which Warhol was a frequent visitor to.

Inspired by the ice cream desserts at  the café, Warhol created an homage of playful food designs that will be displayed in the  exhibition.

The Dovecot café will be redesigned in honour of Warhol’s Serendipity3-inspired  works, enhancing the exhibition experience.

During the 1950s and early 1960s, Warhol’s  main output of work had to meet the demands and deadlines of professional clients; in  contrast, working with textiles allowed Warhol to create art for art’s sake.

His textiles were  managed by agents working in New York’s garment district who sold them anonymously. 

They have been hidden from the mainstream until 2023, when Andy Warhol: The Textiles was  on display at The Fashion and Textile Museum in London.  

Dovecot is ‘thrilled to be collaborating with the Fashion and  Textile Museum to bring the first exhibition about Andy Warhol’s textile designs to Scotland,’ said director Celia Joicey.

‘Warhol recognised textile as an artistic medium and, as a globally recognised name, offers 

‘Dovecot the opportunity to promote tapestry in the context of this joyful and vivacious work.  

Exhibition curators Richard Chamberlain and Geoff Rayner said: ‘This exhibition builds on  over a decade of research, several chance encounters and strokes of luck to bring together this  previously unknown but important aspect of Warhol’s oeuvre.  

The exhibition will run from 26 January – 1 June 2024.

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