Fringe Review: Stampdown Comedy Night

Richard Bath reviews Stampdown Comedy Night at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

SHOCKINGLY shite. Truly execrable. Peerlessly rubbish. In quarter of a century of attending numerous comedic shows at each Fringe, I’ve seen some right old tosh. Yet nothing comes close to matching the sheer teeth-grinding horror of this mind-sappingly puerile waste of time and money (and yes readers, I actually paid to see this show). With the honourable exception of Dylan the crazy dancer and the stripping cowboy (they are only reason the show gets its solitary star), this was death by a thousand hideously misconceived gags.

The compere Zach Zucker was egregiously tiresome. His self-indulgently crap stand-up alter ego Jack Tucker was as funny as anthrax, at one stage astutely admitting that “it feels like every time I get up here I’m sucking the life out of this crowd”. No one demurred; by then what had started out as a particularly enthusiastic crowd had lost the will to live. It was so bad that people began to flee from 20 minutes in, and as the show wore on and on and on (it lasted a gruesome two hours, having started at 11pm) the trickle became a flood. All of them literally ran as they left. All of them had more sense than me because I stayed. Don’t be like me, be like them – run for your life if anyone suggests going to see this irredeemably unfunny show.


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